Ken Black, "Mr. Lighthouse," 1923-2007
The lighthouse collection of the Shore Village Museum has been relocated to the
Maine Lighthouse Museum in Rockland
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The Shore Village Museum was founded by retired Coast Guard officer Ken Black, who received numerous awards in recognition of his outstanding work to preserve our nation's maritime heritage.

The Maine Historic Preservation Commission said, "Lighthouses are a major symbol of Maine's maritime history. No one has contributed more to providing a means for their appreciation and study than Ken Black."

In May 1996, the American Lighthouse Foundation of Wells, Maine, awarded Ken Black a Lifetime Achievement Award. 

In 1999 the U.S. Lighthouse Society of San Francisco presented their annual President's Award to Ken Black, saying "Black has saved countless lighthouse service artifacts and raised the public's consciousness of lighthouses, lightships and aids to navigation in general."

Ken Black also received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Coast Guard.

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