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"Only someone with a closed mind or a cold heart will not be at least momentarily drawn to a lighthouse, for its attraction is at once visual, emotional and intellectual." -- F. Ross Holland, Jr., Great American Lighthouses.

Books on Lighthouse History


Tim Harrison , Ray Jones - Lost Lighthouses : Stories and Images of America's Vanished Lighthouses

This is one of the best new lighthouse books around. Engrossing reading and beautifully reproduced photos of nearly 150 American lighthouses that have been lost to history. Fascinating, and also a plea to save the lighthouses that remain.

List: $17.95.'s Price: $14.36 -- You Save: $3.59 (20%). Paperback, 128 pages, published by Globe Pequot Press, 1999. Dimensions (in inches): 0.47 x 10.94 x 8.46 .

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John Grant, Ray Jones - Legendary Lighthouses : The Companion to the PBS Television Series

List: $24.95.'s Price: $19.96 -- You Save: $4.99 (20%). Paperback, 192 pages, published by Globe Pequot Press, 1998.

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F. Ross Holland, Jr. - America's Lighthouses: An Illustrated History

"A detailed, masterly book... and yet the romance is still there." -- Chicago Tribune

An essential part of any lighthouse or maritime library. Covers the origins of lighthouses, the evolution of lamps and lenses, and the history of the administration of American lighthouses. There are chapters on the lives and work of keepers, a chapter devoted to lightships, and sections on many individual lighthouses. Filled with illustrations and photos from the National Archives, the Coast Guard and other sources. Informative and engrossing -- you won't find a better lighthouse history book in print today.

List: $12.95.'s Price: $10.36 -- You Save: $2.59 (20%)

Availability: This item usually ships within 24 hours. Reissue Edition. Paperback, 226 pages. Published by Dover Publications.


F. Ross Holland, Jr. - Great American Lighthouses

"My expectation and hope is that this book will introduce more Americans to the stature and grace of the many beautiful lighthouses that dot this country's shorelines..." -- Former Senator George J. Mitchell

Another winner from America's leading lighthouse historian. After a substantial section on the history of American lighthouse technology and administration, the bulk of this volume is devote to individual pictures and histories of over 300 lighthouses. Well-organized and a handy reference volume.

List: $19.95.'s price: $15.96 -- You Save: $3.99 (20%)

Paperback. Published by Preservation Press.

Leo Marriott - Lighthouses: A Pictorial History of Lighthouses Around the World

Crossing open waters has always been a dangerous and sometimes deadly vocation, but drawing close to the end destination is the most hazardous part of the sailor's journey. Reaching the right harbor during the night and knowing how to avoid razor-sharp rocks or reefs is a task that can defeat the most experienced navigator - with fatal results.
Since earliest times the response to these dangers has been to erect a light-bearing tower - a beacon to sailors that could guide them safely into port. Some of these early lighthouses were basic stones on the shores, but others, like the Colossus of Rhodes, a 110-foot (33m) statue of the sun god Helios built in 282 BC in the Mediterranean, became wonders of the ancient world.

Architecturally imposing and with an air of romance to them, lighthouses continue to fascinate us. Often there are tales of strange events connected to lonely lighthouses - tragic stories of keepers and ghosts at sea.
Leo Marriott's Lighthouses, illustrated with more than 100 color photographs, takes readers on a historical and international tour of these wonderful structures and recounts tales of great courage and tragedy, as well as details of why and how lighthouses were built.

List: $14.95.'s price: $10.17 -- You Save: $4.78 (32%)
Hardcover, Lyons Press, 2003.

Bob Trapani Jr. - Lighthouses of New Jersey and Delaware: History, Mystery, Legends and Lore

Shipwrecks and suicides, storms and fires, invasions of beetles and catsand even a ghost story or two are captured in this coastal history spotlighting 10 New Jersey and 10 Delaware lighthouses. The featured beacons range from Sandy Hook to Cape May in New Jersey and from Fenwick Island in Delaware and throughout the Delaware Bay. Through stories and 55 modern and vintage photographs, learn the surprising events that occurred in and around these silent sentinels, that are an important part of the mid-Atlantic region's history and lore.

$11.95. Paperback, Myst and Lace Publishers, 2005.

Thomas Yocum, Bruce Roberts, Cheryl Shelton-Roberts - Cape Hatteras: America's Lighthouse

Richmond Times-Dispatch, August 1, 1999: "They (the authors) have compiled a history that will stand as a primary source of information about a landmark..."

List price $26.95.'s price: $17.79

Peter Williams - Beacon on the Rock: The Dramatic History of Lighthouses from Ancient Greece to the Present Day

Since men first ventured out on perilous journeys across the sea attempts have been made to guide them safely home again. This beautifully illustrated book traces the development of lighthouses from earliest times to the present day. The author closes the book by looking at the future of lighthouses now that technological advances have made manned lighthouses a thing of the past, and discusses the role of tourism in the conservation and preservation of these remarkable buildings.

Paperback, $30.00. 190 pages, Birlinn Publisher, 2004.

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