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This one is available from the History Channel -- it's part of their series "Modern Marvels." See how these beacons of safe passage protected ships and mariners for centuries. Featuring an appearance by Jeremy D'Entremont, webmaster of this site.

NEW! Legendary Lighthouses II Video Set

This all-new four hour series travels to some extraordinary destinations: the dangerous coast of Alaska, the enchanting beaches of Hawaii, the vast Eastern Great Lakes, and the Gulf of Mexico's "Hurricane Alley." Meet delightful characters who share their passion for these historic lighthouses and locations.

The gift set is a total of four hours of viewing time to be enjoyed for years to come.

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Legendary Lighthouses 3-Pack (as seen on PBS)

Discover the remarkably beautiful world of lighthouses in the United States, full of romance and history. Beginning in the North Atlantic, where lighthouses began in America, you'll explore the charm of Cape Cod and the Chesapeake Bay as well as the coast of Maine, where more than 60 lighthouses mark its rugged shoreline. The Western Great Lakes and South Atlantic includes Lake Superior and Lake Michigan's hundreds of lighthouses including the wildly beautiful and remote Isle Royal National Park as well as the dangerous shoreline that stretches from the Outer Banks of North Carolina to Lands End of Key West. Then on to California and the Pacific Northwest for a program that features the lighthouses of San Francisco, Los Angeles and Big Sur as well as the wild and rugged wilderness coast of Washington and Oregon, where building lighthouses required ingenuity, courage and strength.'s price: $52.92 - You Save: $7.00 (12%).


Or you can buy the three tapes in the series separately:

Legendary Lighthouses: North Atlantic and Maine

Legendary Lighthouses: California and Pacific Northwest

Legendary Lighthouses: Western Great Lakes and South Atlantic


Lighthouses of New England

No icon symbolizes New England more than its dramatic lighthouses. In this one hour video you will discover the remarkable history of the lights, stories of famous keepers, and the exciting romance of these beacons. The Lighthouses of New England has been produced for both lighthouse buffs and for anyone who is attracted to the beauties and romance of the New England coast.'s price:$19.95.


Staying at a Lighthouse

Lighthouses take us back to a time when place still had meaning, before high-speed travel and the Internet shrank the world down to laptop size. Many still exist on the shores of oceans and larger lakes, and some of these are open to guests. Staying at a Lighthouse explores the lovely, secluded world of the keepers and visitors who truly get away from it all in some of the most romantic bed-and-breakfasts in the United States. From Maine to California, these unique inns are gateways to the 19th century, when radar and GPS were still generations away and the safety of ships required these American castles to dot the coast. Footage of the countryside and interviews with relaxed guests whet the appetite for a break from traffic and crowds; Staying at a Lighthouse is just the thing to counter 21st-century stress.'s price: $13.99.


Lighthouses of North America

List: $19.99.'s price:$16.99. You Save:$3.00 (15%)

Lighthouses of Ireland - Sentinels of the Sea's price: $22.48 - You Save: $2.50 (10%).

Lighthouses Of Austrialia Collection Set's price: $22.48 - You Save: $2.50 (10%).

Moving America's Lighthouse

It was the move of the century! In the summer of 1999, America's tallest, most recognized and most photographed lighthouse - the Cape Hatteras lighthouse - was moved from its original location to a new home 1600 feet from the sea. Hear both sides of the debate on whether or not to move the beloved monument. Learn about its rich history. Understand the science and technology behind a move of this magnitude. From its construction in 1870 to the dramatic relighting ceremony in November 1999, witness it all in this fascinating behind-the-scenes documentary. Featuring Walter Cronkite. Narrated by Stockard Channing. Original score by Loonis McGlohon.'s price: $19.95

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