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Jeremy D'Entremont - The Lighthouses of Connecticut

There are 20 Connecticut lighthouses today, from Great Captain Island off Greenwich to Stonington Harbor at the Rhode Island border, and D'Entremont has unearthed everything from unassailable fact to improbable ghost story. He doesn't stop with the lighthouses we see today. The Lighthouses of Connecticut also has chapters on major lights that have disappeared, Sperry Lighthouse in New Haven Harbor and the Bridgeport Harbor Lighthouse, as well as a chapter on lightships and some smaller lights that once protected traffic on the Connecticut River.

Read about:

* The keeper at Green's Ledge Light off Norwalk, who went on a binge ashore, leaving his assistant nearly to starve to death. Two years later, the assistant's brother replaced him and, in an apparent act of revenge, abandoned the new head keeper, who nearly starved to death himself.

* Ghosts that are said to inhabit Penfield Reef Light and New London Ledge Light. The latter, whose name is Ernie, is said to be the ghost of a keeper whose wife left him for the captain of the Block Island Ferry. Ernie threw himself off the light and has haunted it ever since.

* The hurricane of 1938 and how it nearly killed the keepers of Saybrook Breakwater Light. Everything in the light was washed away by the storm, except the keepers themselves.

* How isolation has driven keepers and their assistants insane. One keeper had to stay awake two days and nights, fending off his assistant, who threatened him with a razor lashed to the end of a spar.

The Lighthouses of Connecticut is meticulously researched and copiously illustrated, with photographs from the author's enormous collection.

Publisher: Commonwealth Editions
Pages: 192
Binding Information: Paperback
Size: 5.5" X 8.5"


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