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Pat Vojtech - Lighting the Bay : Tales of Chesapeake Lighthouses

List: $34.95.'s price: $24.47. You save: $10.48 (30%).

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Hardcover, 208 pages. Published by Tidewater Publishing, 1997.

An absolutely beautiful book full of dramatic stories of lighthouse life. Pat Vojtech's photos are stunning.

Linda Turbyville - Bay Beacons : Lighthouses of the Chesapeake Bay

"The finest lighthouse introduction I ever read, historically accurate and smoothly written" - Wayne Wheeler, President, U.S. Lighthouse Society.

"The bible of the Bay's historic structures." - The Annapolis Capital

"Thorough, affectionate presentation of all of the Bay's lights." -- Baltimore Sun

"A truly outstanding book." - Ken Black, Shore Village Museum

"A detailed prose portrait with a rich body of photography." -- Annapolis Quarterly Magazine

"BAY BEACONS outshines older books on Chesapeake Bay lighthouse history." - Waterman's Gazette.

List: $31.95.'s price: $22.37. You Save: $9.58 (30%)

Availability: On order; usually ships within 1-2 weeks. Hardcover. Published by Eastwind Publishing, 1996.

F. Ross Holland - Maryland Lighthouses of the Chesapeake Bay: An Illustrated History

I haven't seen this title yet, but judging by Mr. Holland's earlier titles, I'm sure it will be a winner.

List: $32.95.'s price: $32.95.

Not Yet Available: You may still order this title. We will ship it to you when it is released by the publisher.

Hardcover, Published by Maryland Historical Trust Press, 1997.

Ray Jones - Pinpoint Guide to Mid-Atlantic Lighthouses

List: $8.95.'s price: $7.16. You save: $1.79 (20%).

Availability: This title usually ships within 2-3 days. Paperback, pocket edition. Published by Crane Hill Publishing, 1998.

The first six full-color regional lighthouse guides promise to be the beginning a long-running and diverse series--Crane Hill's new Pinpoint Guides. Each guide is specific to its region and includes pinpoint closeups of the best lighthouses to visit, including photos, facts, and directions. When fully opened, each guide also features a large map with additional details on the lighthouses and other attractions.

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